Connect & Collaborate with ICOSA - Lighting Transformation

September 28, 2013

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Simply switching traditional lighting for energy efficient lighting can save thousands of dollars on your businesses’ bottom line. We’ve heard it before, even looked into it, but making the switch is daunting, when we consider financial investment up front. Just doing the research is overwhelming.

It’s time to look into it again, because it just got considerably easier.

This week we talk with Gary Goldwasser of LED Source  – a company dedicated to ease the confusion around LED lighting products. LED Source not only helps your company sort out the right products for your business, but also navigates the available rebates and incentives, which can greatly impact the upfront cost.

LED Source can show you the newest LED technology, which now comes in a variety of lighting colors as compared to the cold, blue-hued light we’ve come to expect.  The switch can result in 50-70 percent savings on your energy costs – which is typically enough to cover the initial expenses within the first two years. Rebates from Excel Energy can cover the cost of up to sixty percent of a lighting project.

Connect & Collaborate with ICOSA - POWER TO THE POINT OF NEED

September 21, 2013

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As Coloradans, our minds are on the victims of last week’s flooding of the Front Range. Those who lost their homes, lost their livelihoods, those who were stranded for days without power while they awaited rescue.

While we can’t prevent much of what weather systems force upon us, we can prepare in some ways.  Now, supplying emergency power is becoming less of an obstacle.

In our Energy 101 episode this week, our guests are Gerry Demple and Andrew Goei from Aspect Solar.Aspect Solar is a Colorado company, based in Bloomfield that pioneers real portable solar energy solutions that bring power to the point of need.  We love that phrase!

Aspect Solar’s technologies have been in the making for more than a decade. At the time, the idea was bigger than the available technology, particularly from a cost standpoint.  Over time, the company focused on acquiring patents and incorporating the company and now that technology has advanced the SunSocket solar generator and the PowerBar 250 are available. Both ready to deploy in either in an emergency or simply a matter of convenience.

Further genius behind the design of these units, beyond the portability, is lifespan and functionality. The PowerBar has an expected lifespan of ten years, thanks to a lithium ion phosphate internal battery that won’t corrode like other batteries. The SunSocket solar generator is packed in the size of a briefcase, with solar tracking panels that automatically seek and follow the sun.

The possible applications for both units are endless, from military installations to camping and car rides, and of course emergency power in a time of need.

Connect and Collaborate with ICOSA - Camp Experience

September 14, 2013

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This week on Connect & Collaborate, Jan Mazotti talks with Betsy Wiersma, Founder of Camp Experience, an Educational Retreat for Women.

Betsy Wiersma

Betsy Wiersma

The camp is a weekend of education, inspiration and connection at the Keystone Resort where “campers” can expect to be pampered and plied with gifts, and  wine. Ready to sign up?

While it’s a great opportunity to get away, relax and unwind with other professional women, there is ample alone time, and lots of activities. Whatever suits your mood. There is a full schedule of keynote presentations, workshops, networking activities, shopping, and spa services, as well as amazing adventures.

Activities include sewing, jewelry-making, and painting. Adventures include Fly fishing, hiking, self-defense and sport shooting. All the while, building friendships with other brilliant women and making connections. Proceeds from all on-site Bow-tique sales and donations benefit charity partners, raising $209,000 for charities the past eight years.

Screen Shot 2013-09-13 at 2.38.02 PM

Camp Experience 2013 runs October 4-6, to register for camp, visit their website. ICOSA listeners will receive a $100 discount by contacting – just mention RADIO. (Discount not available through online registration, contact Niki via email.)

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Connect and Collaborate with ICOSA - Right Person - Right Job

September 7, 2013

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Imagine you’re at work, doing a good job by doing your best – and one day, someone walks into your office and suggests you should be in a different position. You’re an engineer and they want to put you in marketing. Would you think they flipped their lid? Or would you consider it?

The real question is, “What do they see in you?”  Possibly something you’ve never considered.

Michael Simpson, Founder and CEO of Pairin, made that suggestion to an employee. It seemed a bit crazy, but that employee admits it was a fitting change! That situation led Simpson to realize he can help people be placed in the right job, where they feel fulfilled and valued, which is best for their employer as well.

 This week on Connect & Collaborate with ICOSA, Jan Mazotti and Kelly de la Torre talk with Micheal Simpson about how Pairin helps companies find the right employees.

The catch is, the applicant can’t necessarily  make that decision for themselves, because they don’t know the dynamics – the strengths and weaknesses of the company. As Simpson says, “The company needs to be responsible to keep someone out of a job they are not well suited for.”

As if it’s not complicated enough to sift through more than one hundred resumes trying to determine what’s true and what is too good to be true. That’s why many companies turn to Pairin to qualify candidates and help with the interview process.

You’ll have to listen to the entire Connect & Collaborate program to hear how they do it, and how Pairin can help prevent employee turnover and often millions of dollars in training costs for some companies.

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