Connect & Collaborate - DORA Division of Financial Services - May 31, 2016

May 31, 2016

Connect & Collaborate has formed a partnership with the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) to promote the many resources in place to help businesses run more smoothly and in keeping with state laws and regulations.

Today we will talk with Rebecca Laurie from DORA, who will introduce us to Patty Salazar, Financial Services Commissioner. We will discuss her role and the role of the Division of Financial Services to protect consumers through regulation and supervision of state-chartered Credit Unions and Savings and Loan Associations as well as some of the financial activities of life care institutions.

We will also discuss World Elder Abuse Awareness day coming up June 15th and share strategies for protecting elderly friends and family from financial predators.

Connect & Collaborate - Daniels College of Business Joe Barber - May 27, 2016

May 27, 2016

The Daniels College of Business at DU and the Colorado Business Roundtable have formed a partnership to provide education and opportunity to the business community.

Barbara Kreisman, Associate Dean of the Daniels College of Business join to share their unique programs, and success stories from Daniels EMBA Graduates.

Today we will meet Joe Barber, Global Incubation Director with Microsoft FastTrack Center, and board member of the Denver Children's Home. A former Naval Flight Officer with the U.S. Navy, with a degree in Oceanography and Masters Degree in Divinity from the Virginia Theological Seminary - Joe also graduated from Daniels Executive MBA Program in 2014. Hear about his unique path to success in our podcast.

Connect & Collaborate - MSU 50th Anniversary - May 26, 2016

May 26, 2016

Metropolitan State University has been a gateway to opportunity through education for fifty years, and plans to continue for fifty more.

MSU will hold a 50th Anniversary Summer Soiree on June 4th, celebrating the school's history and impact on Denver's economy and culture - all are invited to join the gala on the Auraria Parkway campus.

MSU President, Stephen Jordan joins us to talk about the celebration, the history of Metropolitan State University and the school's plans for the future. In the 1960s the university offered two-year associates degrees in just six majors. Today there are 244 degree options including three master's degrees.

The future proposes programs that complimentary to other Colorado university programs, rather than competitive.

Connect & Collaborate - Footer’s Catering & Snooze on Hiring and Training - May 25, 2016

May 25, 2016

Anthony Lambatos, owner of Footers Catering is a regular host on Connect & Collaborate, in partnership with the Colorado Business Roundtable. Anthony shares a unique perspective on business, from the catering industry, and team management. 

Today, Anthony's guest is Brianna Borin, Colorado Regional Manager and Mother Hen for Snooze. Together they'll discuss management philosophy, their unique approach to hiring and training process. So much goes into making the great food and great experience at Snooze. 

Connect & Collaborate - Colorado Business Committee for the Arts - May 24, 2016

May 24, 2016

We'll take you to the intersection of Arts and Business. Colorado Business Committee for the Arts works to engage Colorado's creative forces, and business acumen to advance creative vitality.

Colorado is known for it's entrepreneurial spirit - people who come up with great ideas, and unique ways to turn them into successful businesses. This sort of success is no coincidence with the mission of the CBCA, whose advocacy , research, leadership training and arts engagement efforts bring cultural influence to the business community.

Deborah Jordy, CBCA Executive Director and Meredith Badler, CBCA Program Manager join us on Connect and Collaborate to discuss the programs that connect businesses to the cultural community. We will also discuss their current 9-month professional development program which helps business leaders to be involved in civic engagement and become engaged members of boards of directors.

Connect & Collaborate - COIN Digital Health - May 23, 2016

May 23, 2016

Anna Ewing, Colorado Innovation Network Executive Director joins us to discuss how Colorado is leading the way in digital health.

We will talk with Jeffrey Nathanson, President and CEO of Prime Health and Mike Biselli, President of Catalyst HTI, about how technology and innovation has helped us track how we exercise, what we eat, even how well we sleep. Not only tracking the data, but finding effective ways of interpreting the information to achieve the most good for the majority of those participating.

From connecting your Fitbit to your smartphone, to other wearable technology, i.e. tech clothing, we now have an abundance of information about our health habits and overall health. Find out how Colorado organizations and businesses are tying it all together, to make a difference for all of us.

Connect & Collaborate -VITAL for Colorado and Dan Haley - May 20, 2016

May 23, 2016

Peter Moore, President and CEO of VITAL for Colorado is a regular contributor to Connect & Collaborate, discussing the importance of energy production in the state. VITAL for Colorado is a coalition of industry leaders throughout Colorado who support a rational, well-regulated and competitive regulatory environment for energy production.

Today we'll talk with Dan Haley, President and CEO of COGA. Together we'll discuss the Colorado Oil and Gas Association's recent victory in the Colorado Supreme Court Ruling regarding fracking bans,  recap the legislative session and VITAL for Colorado's advocacy in repealing the crude oil export ban in 2015. 

Connect & Collaborate -World Trade Day with U.S. Commercial Service - May 19, 2016

May 20, 2016

We're coming to you LIVE from World Trade Day in Denver today, courtesy of Paul Bergman and the Director of U.S. Commercial Service - Denver and the Export Assistance Center.

This is the 43rd annual World Trade Day, and the this years theme is Exploring Your Transpacific Partners. More than 500 members of the international business community are gathered to share global insights, perspectives and best practices.

On today's show we'll talk with Deiadra Swartz, Sr. Manager of Global Trade Controls at Jeppesen; Tyler Rauert, Polaris Law Group; Jeff Popeil, President & CEO of GeoTech as well as Bryson Patterson, SBA Export Finance Specialist with Kelly Kemp, Business Development Specialist with the Export-Import Bank of the U.S.

Connect & Collaborate - Clear Intentions Glass Recycling - May 18, 2016

May 19, 2016

Everything you think you know about recycling glass is wrong. I know. I was heartbroken.

I thought that carefully putting empty bottles and jars in my single-stream recycling bin was the right thing to do. But as Brittany Evans, owner and founder of Clear Intentions shares with us, co-mingled glass inevitably gets broken and becomes too cumbersome to chase around, clean and recycle.

Thankfully, Brittany has a great solution with her business, collecting wine and beer bottles from Denver restaurants, bars and event centers in a way that they can be recycled now, and for generations to come.

Not only is her business a great idea, it's a millennial-owned start up business (also woman-owned) which targets a need, provides a service and helps the environment. We'll talk about how she started Clear Intentions, the challenges of running an entrepreneurial business and much more.

Connect & Collaborate - Colorado STEM Roadmap - May 17, 2016

May 18, 2016

As a COBRT partner agency, Colorado Workforce Development Council joins us once a month to discuss growth and progress of our state's talent pipeline and developing a strong workforce in a program we call, "Creating Colorado's Talent Pipeline", with guest host Stephanie Veck, Director of the CWDC.

Today we will discuss the Colorado STEM Roadmap with Elizabeth Kuehl, Manager of Next Generation Learning with The Colorado Education Initiative and Wendy Nkomo, COO of Colorado Technology Association. Colorado STEM Roadmap is a collaborative approach to ensure that every student in Colorado has an opportunity to learn STEM competencies and explore careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math; as well as how these skills apply across all industries and occupations.