Connect and Collaborate - Aug. 31, 2017 - Finding Colorado’s Next Governor, Stephen Barlock

August 31, 2017

August 31 – Stephen Barlock – Finding Colorado’s Next Governor

We continue our special series - Finding Colorado’s Next Governor. Stephen Barlock joins us for the fourth installment of our series, as we hear from a new gubernatorial candidate, and their views on the important issues that concern all Coloradans. On the last working day of each month we feature #FindingCoGov - share your questions on twitter, and we’ll include them in the show.

Connect and Collaborate - Aug. 30, 2017 - David Avrin

August 30, 2017

August 30 – David Avrin – Author, Speaker Series

Join us for a LIVE broadcast from the Colorado Business Roundtable’s Author Series with author David Avrin. David will discuss the ideas behind his latest book, Visibility Marketing The No-Holds-Barred Truth about what it takes to Grab Attention, Build Your Brand and Win New Business. We’ll bring you the presentation with limited interruptions.

Connect and Collaborate - Special Edition - Focus on Canada (Compilation Podcast)

August 30, 2017

We bring you a very special episode of Connect & Collaborate. After providing you a week of Focus on Canada and Colorado Relations, we are pleased to give you the very best highlights from each of those shows.

Connect and Collaborate - Aug. 28, 2017 - Mariel Rodriguiz-McGill

August 28, 2017

August 28 – Mariel Rodriguiz-McGill – Colorado Film Office

We’ll talk with Colorado’s new Deputy Film Commissioner, Mariel Rodriguez-McGill. She will talk about the positive economic impact of the film industry, especially in our rural communities, as well as her own experience as an Emmy Award-Winning creative producer, director and editor.

Connect and Collaborate - Aug. 25, 2017 - Live From the Governor’s Mansion

August 25, 2017

August 25 – Remote LIVE from Governor’s Mansion

All week we’ve been focusing on Canada, and the event that the International Business Circle is hosting at Colorado’s Governor’s Mansion is the maple to the syrup. We will be hosting the show live from the event, with Maggie Fouquet introducing us to major players that keep our Canadian business and trade relationships on track.

Connect and Collaborate - Aug. 24, 2017 - Karen Gerwitz

August 24, 2017

August 24 – Karen Gerwitz – World Trade Center Denver

We wrap up this week’s focus on Canada & Colorado relations with an expert view on trade from the President of the World Trade Center Denver, Karen Gerwitz. Karen will give specifics on exactly how trade works between Denver and Canadian borders.

Connect and Collaborate - Aug. 23, 2017 - Jerome Pischella

August 23, 2017

August 23 – Jerome Pischella – NAFTA & US-Canada Trade

Our focus on Canada and Colorado’s relationship continues on today’s episode. We’ll hear from Jerome Pischella specifically on the North American Free Trade Agreement between Canada and the States.

Connect and Collaborate - Special Edition - Impact of Marijuana (Compilation Podcast)

August 23, 2017

We bring you a very special episode of Connect & Collaborate. After providing you a week long Focus on the Impact of Marijuana, we are pleased to give you the very best highlights from each of those shows in this podcast.

Connect and Collaborate - Aug. 22, 2017 - Stephane Lessard

August 22, 2017

August 22 – Stephane Lessard – Canadian Consulate General

Today we continue our focus on Canada and Colorado’s relationship. Stephane Lessard, Colorado’s Canadian Consulate General, joins us to touch on our similarities, and how our future relationship looks. Colorado Business Roundtable President, Jeff Wasden pops in on the conversation as well.

Connect and Collaborate - Aug. 21, 2017 - Maggie Fouquet

August 21, 2017

August 21 – Maggie Fouquet – International Business Circle

This week we focus on Canada and Colorado’s relationship. Canada is celebrating 150 years this year, and their relationship with several businesses and trade industries in Colorado has played a large role within those 150 years. Maggie Fouquet, President of International Business Circle, introduces us to Bill Graebel of Graebel Companies, and Debra Duke from MenoGenix.