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October 19, 2013

Denver is a unique place, which draws people from all over the country and the world, first to visit, then they never leave. We’re a home for entrepreneurs, smart people and citizen leaders. We’re a city determined to do the best for everyone in the community.denver south edp logo

That is how Mike Fitzgerald, President and CEO of the Denver South Economic Development Partnership, describes our fair city. In a Leader to Leader interview with Gayle Dendinger, President and CEO of ICOSA Media, they discuss the assets and challenges of continually building a great city.

Mike Fitzgerald - Denver South EDP

Mike Fitzgerald – Denver South EDP

Building jobs is of vital importance, which is done by growing businesses. As Fitzgerald says of the motto of the Denver South EPD, “If the economy is working well, businesses are prospering, growing diversifying creating jobs. And the economy is growing and diversifying then all other dreams are possible. If it isn’t, they aren’t.”

Listen to the entire program to learn how Denver South from Belleview to Castle Rock and Santa Fe to Parker Road, is home to  20,000 businesses,  30 business parks, 3,000 employees, and seven of Colorado’s ten Fortune 500 companies are located there. All of which contributes twenty-five to thirty percent of Colorado’s total annual earnings. Just how big is Denver South? Picture 40 million square feet of commercial space, which is more than the whole in the City of Denver.

Mike and Gayle also discuss the concepts of ICOSA, as a hub of connection and collaboration. They explain the correlation while discussing this graphic, (below) which demonstrates how everyone from individual families, to regional and national governments are connected and support one another.


Listen Saturday at 10:00 AM on KNUS 710 –  Please let us know what you think of our program, either by commenting here or on Facebook at Connect & Collaborate with ICOSA or join the discussion on Twitter @ICOSAMagazine.

Connect and Collaborate with ICOSA – Leading The South Metro Denver Chamber

October 12, 2013

When you’re looking out for local businesses, you must have your finger on the pulse of everything from laws and regulations, to transportation and energy,  all while keeping on eye on the economy as it perches on the fiscal cliff. John Brackney, President and CEO of the South Metro Denver Chamber manages to cover all these angles during his 70-hour work weeks, and he seems to enjoy every minute of it.

John Brackney - SMDC

John Brackney – SMDC

On this week’s Connect & Collaborate, ICOSA Media President and CEO, Gayle Dendinger talks with John Brackney – introducing our audience to a engaging and effective leaders in Colorado.   You’ll want to tune in to meet John this Saturday, and in the future when he brings us more guests who make a difference in our state and in our communities.

They start with an introduction to the SMDC, and their mission to improve the economy through long term sustainability for Colorado and Denver. The discussion continues with an overview of the Colorado chapter of Fix the Debt, of which John is a member of the steering committee. Fix the Debt is a non-partisan movement to put America on a better fiscal and economic path. With a unique perspective, Brackney says the looming fiscal cliff is… ” Solvable if we do something now. It requires a dialogue not in, “I want” even if noble, that the left and right fight over, but we need to pull ourselves up. Go back a little bit in taking care of our own and be responsible to take care of someone else when we can.”

To further the discussion on leadership, Brackney talks about improving as a community to attract quality professionals, entrepreneurs, and various businesses. It takes a type of strategy, including the expansion of the oil and gas industry in business-friendly Colorado.

John and Gayle discuss these topics all while narrating their adventures with a rather aggressive moth in the studio. Join us for a lively discussion! – Listen Saturday at 10:00 AM on KNUS 710 –  Please let us know what you think of our program, either by commenting here or on Facebook at Connect & Collaborate with ICOSA or join the discussion on Twitter @ICOSAMagazine.

Connect & Collaborate with ICOSA - Recovering From Disaster

October 5, 2013

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When we think of the effects of flooding and natural disasters, we immediately think of the homes and personal property that were wiped out.  But we must also consider the impact of the loss to businesses. After all, if a community is going to recover, the regrowth of the business sector is critical.

This week in our Community Matters program, our guest is Kelly Manning, State Director of the Small Business Development Center, which has programs available to help businesses recover.

Because the state of Colorado was so to obtain Federal Disaster declaration, assistance became available soon after the flooding. Which also means that businesses have to move quickly to apply for funding. The deadline is 60 days after a disaster declaration, in this case November 14th, for businesses that have been physically devastated by flooding to submit their applications.

The SBDC has consulting services available to help those businesses with the process – go to their website at

There are also Economic Injury Disaster loans (EIDL) available to businesses that suffer indirect impacts of the flooding, such as loss of customers or business, rather than physical damage.  Of course, that impact may take some time to determine, which is why the due date for that application is June 16, 2014.  Again, SBDC can help with the application process as well.

In the second half of our program, our guest is Sondra Smith of Level (3) Cares, a corporate social responsibility program that has provided assistance to Colorado flooding victims, Hurricane Sandy and the tornado in Moore, Oklahoma.

Sondra explains the various social responsibility strategies that Level (3) employs, including collecting and matching donations, delivering needed supplies and providing volunteer opportunities for their employees that make a difference in the community.

Learn more about recovery efforts – Listen Saturday at 10:00 AM on KNUS 710 –  Please let us know what you think of our program, either by commenting here or on Facebook at Connect & Collaborate with ICOSA or join the discussion on Twitter @ICOSAMagazine.