Connect and Collaborate - Sept. 19, 2017 - Aeronautics

September 19, 2017

Along with Kelly Sloan, David Ulane, Director of the Aeronautics Division at the Colorado Department of Transportation joins us to talk about new technologies and improvements in the airport community.  Then Jason Licon, Director of the Northern Colorado Regional Airport in Fort Collins/Loveland and Vice President of the Colorado Airport Operators Association (CAOA) joins us to discuss issues facing smaller airports.

Connect and Collaborate - Sept. 18, 2017 - Ag & Fire Aviation

September 18, 2017

This week we focus on General Aviation in Colorado, we’ll talk about policy and legislation that impact what some pilots are allowed to do, where to fly where to land and much more. We’ll also introduce you to some associations and their role in aviation.

We will discuss developments around agriculture, fire and business aviation with Kelly Sloan along with Chris Swathwood, Vice Chairman of Colorado Aviation Business Association (CABA) and Jessica Freeman, Executive Director of Colorado Agricultural Aviation Association (CAAA).

Connect and Collaborate - Sept. 15, 2017 - VITAL for Colorado

September 15, 2017

Peter Moore is the Chairman and CEO of VITAL for Colorado, hosting leaders from across the energy industry to discuss the most pertinent issues of the day. Peter’s guest is VITAL for Colorado's Research Fellow Simon Lomax.

Connect and Collaborate - Sept. 14, 2017 - Energy Week - Denver Exports

September 14, 2017

Paul Bergman, Director of the United States Commercial Service - Denver Export Assistance Center, introduces us to key players in Denver who help make exporting easy and profitable for businesses of all sizes.

Connect and Collaborate - Sept. 13, 2017 - Energy Week Renewables

September 13, 2017

Greg Kishiyama, Senior Engineering Manager with Farnsworth Group, will join us along with Barry Ingold of Tri-State Generation and Transmission and Chad Calvert of Noble Energy.  We will discuss the role of renewable energies in the long-term as well the need to balance development and use of all forms of energy to provide stable, efficient, reliable power.

Connect and Collaborate - Sept. 12, 2017 - Rebecca Laurie

September 12, 2017

This week we focus on Energy, one of Colorado’s most important industries. We’ll talk with experts from various areas of the energy industry and discuss the importance of embracing all forms of energy to power our world.

Rebecca Laurie from Colorado’s Department of Regulatory Agencies joins us along with Doug Dean, Director of the Public Utilities Commission, to discuss regulatory issues concerning the energy industry.

Connect and Collaborate - Sept. 11, 2017 - Energy Policy

September 11, 2017

We are starting off Energy Week with Tracee Bentley from American Petroleum Institute and Brydon Ross from Consumer Energy Alliance. We will talk about the benefits of all forms of energy. We will discuss the impact of Hurricane Harvey on gas prices and supply as well as policy issues in the Colorado Legislature that might impact the energy industry.

Connect and Collaborate - Sept. 8, 2017 - Carol Carter

September 11, 2017

September 8 – Carol Carter – GlobalMindED Carol Carter, Founder and Executive of GlobalMindED, joins us to discuss first generation students. Carol’s guests include, Rocio Perez, President and Founder of Inventiva Consulting, a firm that focuses on how to properly develop your businesses talent pipeline, speaks on the importance of first generation students. We’ll hear from first generation Colorado college student, Yao Lin and GlobalMindED research intern Bryan Shapiro shares his analytics on first gen students. Phuong Trang Dinh at Kaiser Permanente explains how being a first generation student shaped her career, and why business leaders should be passionate about first generation students. We wrap up the show with a word from the Colorado Community College System Vice President, Landan Pirius on how they’ve played a vital role for first generation students.

Connect and Collaborate - Sept. 7, 2017 - Kristi Strother

September 7, 2017

September 7 – Kristi Strother – Community College of Denver Journalism Department Chair

Kristi Strother, Journalism Department Chair and English Professor at the Community College of Denver joins us to talk about her background within journalism and how focusing on what some consider a dying art as a major can be beneficial. Kristi will also talk about her Educator of the Year in Journalism Award from the Society of Professional Journalists.

Connect and Collaborate - Sept. 6, 2017 - Stephanie Veck

September 6, 2017

September 6 – Stephanie Veck – Colorado Workforce Development Council

Stephanie Veck, Director of the Colorado Workforce Development Council, joins us to discuss Colorado Workforce Development month with Bill Thonnes, PIO, Office of Government, Policy and Public Relations. We will also talk with Lauren DeNinno, Policy Advisor, Western Governors' Association about upcoming events and efforts to bridge the gap between prospective workers and employers in the West. If you are interested in attending the Western Governors' Workforce Development Initiative Workshop, September 18 and 19, go to and mention that you heard about it on the Connect and Collaborate radio show and they will make sure you have a seat.