Connect & Collaborate

Connect and Collaborate - March 30, 2017 - Millenial Impact on B2B

March 31, 2017

Join us LIVE from the ICOSA Event center as the Colorado Business Roundtable and Vistage welcome Sacunas CEO Adam Vasquez.  Before a LIVE audience, Adam will share his thoughts on, "The Next Generation of B2B: How the Millennial Buyer is Changing B2B Sales & Marketing." 

Millennials are changing B2B sales & marketing as they become key purchase decision makers. In Adam will share results of the Sacunas study of 2,000 millennial B2B buyers, revealing what drives their B2B path to purchase behaviors.

Listen in to learn about the various channels from Facebook to Glassdoor, which influence this digital by default generation. Learn about important insights on transforming your business to attract and retain millennial buyers.