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April 27, 2013

Icosa Magazine

In a position to lead, Colorado has made huge gains in the energy sector. Always a leading state when it comes to coal production, we’re now in an era of renewable energy. With abundant days of sunshine, solar energy is easy to produce, and on the front range and elsewhere, wind energy is harnessed. In addition to natural resource production, traditionally coal, oil and gas – we have a lot going on at once.

It all makes for a busy Jeffrey Ackermann, newly appointed Director of the Colorado Energy Office, focusing on all parts of our energy landscape.

“Under (our) mission, it’s not the renewable energy office. It’s not the traditional energy office. It’s the Energy Office. And so we are trying to say how do we engage all sectors of the Colorado energy economy in doing that. ” Ackermann explains in this week’s Energy 101 interview with Kelly de la Torre.

The Colorado Energy Office’s interests don’t stop there – they continue into consumer decisions, from the vehicles and appliances we choose for our homes to how to plan energy efficient living for our low income sectors.

Kelly is joined by Lida Citroën… and together they discuss ways to monitor energy use, from home energy audits (Kelly admits her competitive streak has her line drying clothes just for the satisfaction of reducing her electric bill!) down the appliances and vehicles you choose.

If you haven’t thought about your light bulbs, thermostat and shower heads lately, don’t miss this show for energy inspiration!

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