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August 24, 2013

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In this week’s Connect & Collaborate we talk with Connie Williams, the General Managing Partner and Chief Knowledge Officer for Synecticsworld which studies how people really create and invent things, what makes them successful and what doesn’t, to develop a clear problem solving approach.

Synecticsworld helps others See with New Eyes to gather insight for marketing and innovative strategy.


Synecticsworld works with organizations and businesses to unleash creativity, enabling them to explore the possibilities of the Synectics Process.
There are more than 50 years of research behind Synecticsworld’s innovative thinking.

Connie says she studies studies how people create and invent things and then helps them to be successful.

By learning about the motivation and of those customers and consumers, she then ties words to that motivation . To understand them and their needs, anticipate what their needs are, before they are consciously aware of it.

Connie describes it as code-cracking – gathering input to get underneath and find out what they really want from a solution and look for new combinations in the day to day.

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