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Connect and Collaborate with ICOSA - Sustainability for SMES

May 18, 2013

Icosa Magazine

Sometimes sustainability practices can seem a bit out of reach for smaller companies. Without staff dedicated to researching energy efficient light bulbs, or employee-friendly health plans, some of the efforts a business would like to make, must be pushed aside just to get business done.

Martha Young and Graham Russell are creating a blueprint of sorts for small and mid-sized companies to manage their own sustainability without reinventing the wheel. They’ve created to gather and share some of the best practices for sustainability.

As our guests for Connect & Collaborate this week, they explain that sustainabilty is not philantropy.  Rather, it’s looking after the things upon which your business depends, as well as making a contribution to conserving the natural resources we all depend upon.

Sustainability means organizing and conducting business activities in such a way that the negative impact is reduced to a minimum or eliminated entirely. It starts with using resources more effieceiently, trying to use fewer natural resources and raw materials to achieve the same level of output.

Learn more about sustainability for SMEs by visiting, take the survey and look for results.

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