Connect & Collaborate

Connect & Collaborate - Colorado Business Committee for the Arts - May 24, 2016

May 24, 2016

We'll take you to the intersection of Arts and Business. Colorado Business Committee for the Arts works to engage Colorado's creative forces, and business acumen to advance creative vitality.

Colorado is known for it's entrepreneurial spirit - people who come up with great ideas, and unique ways to turn them into successful businesses. This sort of success is no coincidence with the mission of the CBCA, whose advocacy , research, leadership training and arts engagement efforts bring cultural influence to the business community.

Deborah Jordy, CBCA Executive Director and Meredith Badler, CBCA Program Manager join us on Connect and Collaborate to discuss the programs that connect businesses to the cultural community. We will also discuss their current 9-month professional development program which helps business leaders to be involved in civic engagement and become engaged members of boards of directors.