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July 6, 2013

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This week, we’re pleased to bring you a repeat performance of our interview with Lida Citroën of  LIDA360 – an expert in personal branding. She explains the difference between the corporate brand and the professionals who move the corporate brand forward. One is the business, the other is the business of being a professional. Identifying your personal brand gives you a sense of control, and actually allows you to control how other people perceive you.

“If there is a disconnect between how I want to be seen and how I am seen, that’s where the opportunity really lies, to build a strategy that is intentional. So it gives me the tools from how I present myself, to how I interact with other people to move in the direction that I want.” ~ Lida Citroën

To identify what your personal brand should be, first you must see feedback as a gift. You need to know how other people see you. Are you the go-to source of information? The team leader? An encourager? Maybe you’re the type who doesn’t put too much stock in what others think, until you consider that the image you think you’re putting out, and the image others see, could be worlds apart. No one wants that.

Let’s say you see yourself as a team builder, a motivator, driven to be successful – but the people you work with see you as difficult to deal with, non-collaborative and pushy. Now it’s clear why you don’t seem to get buy-in on your ideas and support from your team. Some people discover these disconnects by accident – or you can ask a trusted colleague how they think you are perceived in the marketplace. Good or bad, the answers will surprise you. But if you don’t know, you are giving up power and control of your desired reputation.

Once you have feed back, you’ll recognize if your behavior has been in line with your intention, and really assess where you are today.

Lida recommends identifying that gap and make changes to effect that gap. If you don’t, you don’t have power or control. Wouldn’t you rather feel like you’re in control of how others are going to judge you?

Values + Action = Credibility

You build credibility when your values and your actions match.

To learn more about building your personal brand tune in Saturday at 10:00 AM on  KNUS 710– or download our podcast – available this coming Monday – you’ll find it embedded at the top of this article or on the KNUS podcast page.

Lida’s book – Reputation 360 – is available in the LIDA360 Store on her website.