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June 22, 2013

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National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) based in Golden, Colorado, does more than focus on answers to today’s energy challenges. They help others to focus on solutions as well.

On this week’s Connect & Collaborate with ICOSA Radio show, we discuss the NREL Executive Energy Leadership Academy which brings people together to be change agents for the energy industry, in their communities, municipalities and their own organizations. By educating the average business person about energy, they create change agents in every community.

Our guests are Martha Butwin, Senior International Trade Specialist the Denver US Export Assistance Center, Janice Rooney, of NREL, and two alums of the Energy Execs Program, Drew Torbin of ProLogis and Mark Dow, of Lockheed Martin.

There are two programs in NREL’s Executive Leadership Academy, the Executive Energy Leadership Program or the condensed version, Executive Energy Leadership Institute. Energy Execs is open to leaders in their community or organization or government leaders, and is not limited to professionals in the energy field.

The students study solutions, and implement a viable class project, either as an individual or as a team, where they are encouraged to think through how to solve problems and provide the framework to ask the right questions that lead to important answers.

The class also includes field trips to wind farms, and to Greensburg Kansas, a tornado devastated town that rebuilt and as a green energy town – where they can see impressive technology solutions at work.

You’ll want to tune in when the program airs to hear about the success one class project that provides solutions for delivering fuel to military bases which saves not just fuel, but the lives of our deployed military as well.

The application process begins in January, go to to get started.

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