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June 29, 2013

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Each month Connect & Collaborate with ICOSA features a Community Matters show focusing on compelling and collaborative stories about making a difference in the communities where we live and work. Because our communities do matter. Once again, Cristin Tarr from Business Service Corps brings us fascinating guests to continue the conversation about social responsibility.

This month we talk with leaders in the Oil and gas industry. Our guests this week are Doug Hock, Director of Public and Community Relations for Encana Oil & Gas USA, Amy Venturi, Director of Social Investment, and Robin Olsen, External Relations – both of Anadarko Petroleum Corporation, all together to discuss community giving and the benefits gained for both the company, and the community.

Many oil and gas companies are pleased to contribute to the communities they live and work in, but often their efforts are seen as disingenuous “Greenwashing” – perceived as smoke and mirror efforts to disguise the fact that they’re supposedly making boat loads of money and their altruistic efforts aren’t so much so.
It is an effort to balance giving in such cases. Encana, as an example tends to focus their efforts toward helping natural gas to work well. In Rifle, Colorado, Encana funded a grant to supply gas boilers for new library. They also support health and wellness efforts in the community and support education in the STEM fields, to encourage more careers in the energy industry.

In our first half hour, Doug Hock of Encana elaborates on the various projects the company gets involved in, from tuition programs, to grassroots efforts, and event small scale support. More importantly, he explains how giving helps their employees to be more engaged with their community and with their jobs.

The second half of the show features Amy Venturi and Robin Olsen of Anadarko who emphasize that their employees live in the communities where they work,

“We want these to be great places to live.”

They do that by focusing their contributions for each division of the company – to make sure that not only do the communites get what they need, but that the employees are engaged and involved. Anadarko focuses on the development and engagement of young professionals through volunteerism, providing enlightening leaders and speakers, and making them feel like a valuable part of the company. Listen to the entire Connect & Collaborate program to hear just how these programs are implemented, their overall effect to communities and employees.

Doing good in communities and for employees can be good for profits and society. Why not celebrate the successes and encourage more good?

To learn more about our show tune in Saturday at 10:00 AM on  KNUS 710– or download our podcast on the KNUS podcast page.