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October 19, 2013

Denver is a unique place, which draws people from all over the country and the world, first to visit, then they never leave. We’re a home for entrepreneurs, smart people and citizen leaders. We’re a city determined to do the best for everyone in the community.denver south edp logo

That is how Mike Fitzgerald, President and CEO of the Denver South Economic Development Partnership, describes our fair city. In a Leader to Leader interview with Gayle Dendinger, President and CEO of ICOSA Media, they discuss the assets and challenges of continually building a great city.

Mike Fitzgerald - Denver South EDP

Mike Fitzgerald – Denver South EDP

Building jobs is of vital importance, which is done by growing businesses. As Fitzgerald says of the motto of the Denver South EPD, “If the economy is working well, businesses are prospering, growing diversifying creating jobs. And the economy is growing and diversifying then all other dreams are possible. If it isn’t, they aren’t.”

Listen to the entire program to learn how Denver South from Belleview to Castle Rock and Santa Fe to Parker Road, is home to  20,000 businesses,  30 business parks, 3,000 employees, and seven of Colorado’s ten Fortune 500 companies are located there. All of which contributes twenty-five to thirty percent of Colorado’s total annual earnings. Just how big is Denver South? Picture 40 million square feet of commercial space, which is more than the whole in the City of Denver.

Mike and Gayle also discuss the concepts of ICOSA, as a hub of connection and collaboration. They explain the correlation while discussing this graphic, (below) which demonstrates how everyone from individual families, to regional and national governments are connected and support one another.


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