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Connect & Collaborate with ICOSA - Lighting Transformation

September 28, 2013

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Simply switching traditional lighting for energy efficient lighting can save thousands of dollars on your businesses’ bottom line. We’ve heard it before, even looked into it, but making the switch is daunting, when we consider financial investment up front. Just doing the research is overwhelming.

It’s time to look into it again, because it just got considerably easier.

This week we talk with Gary Goldwasser of LED Source  – a company dedicated to ease the confusion around LED lighting products. LED Source not only helps your company sort out the right products for your business, but also navigates the available rebates and incentives, which can greatly impact the upfront cost.

LED Source can show you the newest LED technology, which now comes in a variety of lighting colors as compared to the cold, blue-hued light we’ve come to expect.  The switch can result in 50-70 percent savings on your energy costs – which is typically enough to cover the initial expenses within the first two years. Rebates from Excel Energy can cover the cost of up to sixty percent of a lighting project.

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