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August 10, 2013

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Imagine you’re at work, doing a good job by doing your best – and one day, someone walks into your office and suggests you should be in a different position. You’re an engineer and they want to put you in marketing. Would you think they flipped their lid? Or would you consider it?

The real question is, “What do they see in you?”  Possibly something you’ve never considered.

Michael Simpson, Founder and CEO of Pairin, made that suggestion to an employee. It seemed a bit crazy, but that employee admits it was a fitting change! That situation led Simpson to realize he can help people be placed in the right job, where they feel fulfilled and valued, which is best for their employer as well.

 This week on Connect & Collaborate with ICOSA, Jan Mazotti and Kelly de la Torre talk with Micheal Simpson about how Pairin helps companies find the right employees.

The catch is, the applicant can’t necessarily  make that decision for themselves, because they don’t know the dynamics – the strengths and weaknesses of the company. As Simpson says, “The company needs to be responsible to keep someone out of a job they are not well suited for.”

As if it’s not complicated enough to sift through more than one hundred resumes trying to determine what’s true and what is too good to be true. That’s why many companies turn to Pairin to qualify candidates and help with the interview process.

You’ll have to listen to the entire Connect & Collaborate program to hear how they do it, and how Pairin can help prevent employee turnover and often millions of dollars in training costs for some companies.

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