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July 13, 2013

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We’re just too far in to ever give up the conveniences of oil and gas. Surrender our cars? No way. Do away with electricity? Yeah right. We can think about reducing our dependence – especially when we consider all of the unpleasant side effects of oil and gas production and our related moral objections. Fracking, drilling, water pollution – why can’t we just quit? Ah yes, those everyday conveniences we just can’t do without. 

We suppose the best we can hope for is to mitigate the damage. In this week’s Energy 101 segment, we talk with John (Grizz) Deal, Executive Chairman & CEO of IX Power, an organization that integrates engineering technologies and innovations for the oil and gas industry. 

Consider the problem of “produced” water, a nasty by-product of oil and gas drilling. Produced water is 95 percent of the waste coming out of an oil well, consisting of mud, oil and hydrocarbons. In the oil industry’s efforts to be more environmentally responsible in the past 100 years, they look at the Treatment Train – searching for a way to clean this “produced” water. 

Listen as John Deal explains how OrganiClear came about through a collaborative effort between a laboratory and a University, sharing patent rights on an invention. OrganiClear Technology promotes a no-waste stream after scientists discovered bacteria that consumes hydrocarbons, and produces CO2, converting the hardest part of the waste stream. It’s an advancement that John (Grizz) Deal describes as “Almost Magical.” 

Oh – but there is more to the story, like how to market to a $40 Billion dollar industry and the satisfaction of creating a value proposition that costs less money, creates less hassle and creates something good.

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